El tiempo del no tiempo

One hundred years since the Mexican Revolution and two hundred years since the independence. Thousands of victims from drug trafficking in a country amongst the most dangerous in the world. Indigenous peoples struggling for dignity, Marxists against imperialism, pharmacies selling cigarettes, 50% of the population dying of starvation, the Zapatista Movement shuts itself off from the outside world, the left is fragmented, the jeopardized right governs. The mixture of vitality and atrocities mark a volatile and yet brewing social situation. Crossing Mexico becomes a political reflection in a sense, both historical and anthropological. Without stopping, the words and images of this film are woven into concepts and feelings, creating a continuous flow, a domino effect in the chain of the contemporary human condition.

Genres: Documentary


Director: Giuseppe Spina

Country: Italy, Mexico

Duration: 44 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2013

imdb rating 2